• Hello, my name is Lindsey Krist and welcome to That’s Tasty, Girl! This blog documents my personal journey from obesity to insanity, and how I learned to balance it all. I hope that here you will be inspired and understood, and that you too will find your inner Tasty Girl.
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Owen’s Birth Story

I finally have time to sit down and write up our beautiful natural Bradley-method birth story, of baby Owen. I thank God that he blessed our birth with his presence so strongly. I had the unbelievable and unthinkable gift of experiencing a silent labor, which made the experience so intimate and beautiful. It was truly … Continue reading

Egg-cellent Summer Fritatta

Right now, at this very moment, Jared is in the “man zone”. Talking tools, construction, football, and drought conditions with a stranger. In our house. Most importantly, Jared is working out a very, VERY important purchase for us. Ladies and Gentlemen, I will soon be the proud owner of a CENTRAL A/C and heat system. When … Continue reading

Won’t-Give-You-a-Coma Pancakes

Holy Smoka-Monday, end of AUGUST! School is in, teachers are counting down the days til fall break, the leaves here in Houston are finally turning. Brown. Because of the record draught conditions here. But that awesome situation will be blogged about another day. Or not. Anyway. Monday means many things in the Krist household… #1- … Continue reading

High Protein Berry Quinoa Salad

What gives, Lindsey? Super busy week + getting ready for a trip + my camera is broken = bad for the blog. No excuses though. I am here to redeem myself. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you a gift. Again, I realize that I might have sort of an unhealthy obsession with Angela Liddon’s … Continue reading

A “Weighty” Subject – Part Four

Just joining us? Catch up with Parts 1-3 here, here, and here. Let’s jump right on in. I want to be very clear about something. I am still actively recovering from my ED. You will know then, why writing this story has been so challenging and raw for me. Most of these things I have … Continue reading

Pumpkin Brownie Layer Cakes

Okay, I get it. Here we are, dead in the middle of July, and I’m baking up fall treats? It’s was around 98 degrees all weekend, and I spent it at the beach….with my husband and in laws. Mostly, I tried not to sweat….everywhere. Regardless of the temperature, sometimes a girl just needs copious amounts of chocolate…and, … Continue reading

A “Weighty” Subject – Part Three

Hello again! Tonight’s post might be a bit hard to read, if you’ve experienced loss. It was very hard to write. Catch up with our chubby-chase here:  A “Weighty” Subject – Part One A “Weighty” Subject – Part Two How many of you are battling with an ED that was triggered by loss? My past triggers … Continue reading

A “Weighty” Story – Part Two

If you are just joining in on my fat chat, please feel free to get caught up on Part One here. After I finished high school, I attended Texas Bible Institute. I had seven roomates. SEVEN. Let me paint a picture for you: Eight girls living in ONE room. FOUR sets of bunkbeds. ONE closet. ONE bathroom. … Continue reading

A “Weighty” Story – Part One

So, lets talk Obesity. Are you obese? WERE you obese? I’ve been there, and done that. And flirted with it again just for good measure, on several occasions. I’ll be honest, this isn’t a topic that I have discussed in-depth with many people. If you have ever struggled with your weight, even for those of … Continue reading

Vegan Chocolate Banana Soft Serve

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of ice cream. Today is a stinkin’ hot day, and so far I’ve sweated my way through the whole thing. By the way, have I told you that we don’t have central A/C? You heard me right. Because our house was built 100 years ago, we have window units … Continue reading