Vegan Chocolate Banana Soft Serve

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of ice cream. Today is a stinkin’ hot day, and so far I’ve sweated my way through the whole thing.

By the way, have I told you that we don’t have central A/C?
You heard me right.

Because our house was built 100 years ago, we have window units and ceiling fans in every room.
We also have an “attic fan”.  God help me, I will find the way to turn it on someday.

Jared and I are saving up for the upgrade to Central A/C and Heat, and will be making that happen before winter.
Fo sho.

So the thought of turning on an oven in my house today is…just…nauseating.

So what’s a girl to do?
Whip up another batch of Vegan Chocolate Banana Softserve!
I first picked up this dish from Gena over at Choosing Raw.

Here are the players:

Let’s get started. Here is the breakdown:

1 frozen banana, cut into chunks
(make sure your banana is peeled and cut before you freeze. trust me.)
2-3 Tbs Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
2-3 Tbs Unsweetened Almond Milk

You need to make this recipe in your food processor. Using a blender may work in some cases, but generally will be a LOT more difficult to work with.

First up, throw  in your milk:

Add in your cocoa:

 Drop in your frozen banana chunks:

Lastly, if you like your ice cream a little sweeter (UM…who doesn’t??),
sprinkle with 1 packet of Stevia. Don’t use Splenda! More on that later.

Cover the bowl, and fire her up, baby!
Process the mixture until it turns into ice cream! (About 2 minutes)
Careful not to over-process. Let that sucker spin too long, and your ice cream becomes soup and gets all melty.
DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN! Your heart will break. So will your tastebuds.

So keep a close eye on the treasure inside that processor bowl.

I always prefer texture in my ice cream, so I sprinkled on some unsweetened coconut, and a tablespoon of PB2. Remember PB2?

Go buy this. Today. You won’t regret it.

Here is my finished ice cream!

This bowl didn’t stand a CHANCE.

I took the liberty of getting started on it before I was done photographing….

WARNING: If you eat your softserve outside in Houston in July, IT WILL MELT.


What is your favorite homeade cold treat?? Answer in the comments below.
I would love to try your ideas!

2 Responses to “Vegan Chocolate Banana Soft Serve”
  1. Renee says:

    Yum -Look’s awesome Lindsey, will try that as I am totally addicted to Froyo!!

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