A “Weighty” Story – Part One

So, lets talk Obesity. Are you obese?
WERE you obese?

I’ve been there, and done that. And flirted with it again just for good measure, on several occasions.

I’ll be honest, this isn’t a topic that I have discussed in-depth with many people.
If you have ever struggled with your weight, even for those of you who have or are currently struggling with morbid obesity, then you will identify very clearly with the subject matter that this page contains.

Let me start from the beginning, so you can get some perspective.

At the age of 7, my mom put both my 8 year old sister and I on our first diet.
To clarify, we were each about 10 lbs overweight, from a year of homeschooling, and not enough P.E.


Our diet was the Mayo Clinic diet.
We ate melba toast, cottage cheese, and pineapple for days.

I was miserable. My sister was miserable.

Within days I was hiding food.
I can remember one Saturday morning, when I ate six bowls of honey-nut cheerios with piles of sugar added.

Holy Stomachache.

From that point on, I can remember the way I began feeling about myself.
I wasn’t pretty enough. I was the fat girl at my school.

In fourth grade, the cutest boy in class made a fat joke about me.
It was the first fat joke I had ever heard.

I remember staring at the carpet in the library, feeling so ashamed.
It was a defining moment for me.
I still remember the way it felt.

My mom was a public school teacher for over 25 years.
The irony is that I never went to public school! (I’m lying, of course. I did six weeks at the public Junior High in 7th grade. Booyah.)

I went to private, Christian school my entire school run.
Up until high school.

My sophomore year, my parents and I decided that I would homeschool the final two years of highschool.
Then things got really bad.

What happens when you take an already obese teenager out of social interaction, physical activity, and extracurricular activities?

That’s what.
On my 16th birthday, I weighed 330 pounds.

To be continued……


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